PACDEFF/AAvPA 2021, 21/22 October

The conference this year will showcase not only the best of CRM and Aviation Human Factors with our PACDEFF traditional practitioner focus on Day 1 and 2, but will also allow delegates to gain wider exposure to research and discussion on Aviation Safety, Human Factors and Aviation Psychology topics, through the combined conference structure.

Proposed Program

PACDEFF 2021 will be a two day conference consisting of world class presentations and contemporary and relevant workshops.

It will be held over 21/22 October at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Coogee Beach, Sydney, Australia

The call for speakers is now closed. However, we occasionally get a speaker withdraw, so if you would like to go on a standby list, we will advise you if a slot does open up. Feel free to send us an abstract or overview of your presentation topic and we will add you to the list.

Day 1 (21 October)

Combined forum with AAvPA

0900-0915    Welcome

0920-1005    Keynote 1: Professor Mark Wiggins (Macquarie University)

1010-1055    Keynote 2: Professor Leigh Signal (Sleep/Wake Research Centre)

1055-1125    Morning Tea

1125-1210    Keynote 3: James Redgrove (Dreamworld Safety)

1210-1310    Lunch

1310-1340    The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on seafarers’ mental health and chronic fatigue: beneficial effects of onboard peer support, external support and Internet access – Dr Michelle Grech

1340-1410    Self Evaluation and Looking for Help – Dr Natasha Yates (Bond University Medicine)

1410-1440    The effect of a common stressor – noise on pilot cognition – Dr Brett Molesworth

1440-1510    Afternoon Tea

1510-1540    Organisational decision making: How organisational inputs shape decisions in the cockpit and among front line operators – Dr Dirk Maclean

1540-1610    Pilot mental health: findings from a series of clinical interviews – Corrie Ackland and Tony Merritt

1610-1640    An update on Human Factors and Non-technical skills from an operational perspective – Capt. Ben Charters

1640-1700    Day 1 Wrap Up

1800-1900    Pre-dinner drinks – Barzura

1900-2200    Conference Dinner – Barzura


Day 2 – 22 October

PACDEFF Forum (Note AAvPA presentations will run all day in parallel sessions)

0900-0910    Welcome

0910-0935    44 years of CRM training, what you do not know and need to know – Stephen Walsh

0940-1005    Integrating Human Factors into Safety Management – Matt McKay

1010-1035    Best practice Interviewing Techniques for Human Factors Investigations in Aviation and Rail – Danni Maynard

1035-1100    Morning Tea


Flight Crew Forum

1100-1130    Emerging Technologies and Negative Training – Tony Power

1130-1200    Delivering value from an eye-tracking based training aid in a military flight training environment – Alexander Robinson and Rama Myers

1200-1230    The affordances of VR for training novel event management in aerospace – Capt. Cameron Tribe


Human Factors Forum 1

1100-1130    Research Results on Cabin Crew training – Maria Fernanda Larrea Sotomayor

1130-1200    A Human Factors Perspective on the Qantas Response to COVID – Carolyn Vaughan

1200-1230    Utilising Eye Tracking data to identify Startle and Surprise in Pilots – Cdr Aruna Ranganathan


ATC and General Topics Forum

1100-1130    ATC HF Topic TBA – Colleen Kitson

1130-1200    ATC HF Topic TBA – Bill Appleby

1200-1230    Human Factors in Helicopter EMS Operations – Capt. Lachlan Slatyer

1230-1315    Lunch

1315-1445    Workshop 1: Human & Organisational Performance, and Operational Learning Teams (Andy Shone)

1315-1445    Workshop 2: Maintaining Safety While Emerging from COVID Affected Operations (Andy Elliott and Peter Geddes)

1445-1515    Afternoon Tea

1515-1645    Workshop 3: Facilitator Skills for Human Factors Trainers (Belinda Warner, Jana Ewing, Kiralee Tynan)

1515-1645    Workshop 4: Providing Support for Flight Crew and Cabin Crew Mental Health (Capt. Chris Smith)

1645-1700    Day 2 and Conference Wrap Up


Forum 2 – AAvPA

09:00-09:25 Embodied sensemaking: Responding to the non-normal in high reliability work contexts – Brad Roberts


09:25-09:50 Systems thinking training for better safety performance at the Maritime regulator – Mal Christie


09:50-10:15 Testing the validity of High Reliability in Organisations – Nicola MacPhail


10:15-10:35 The effect of surprise on performance and how noise moderates its effect – Michael Manning


1035-1100 Morning Tea


11:00-11:20 Maintenance Check Flight Events – Causes and Factors – Jay Nagy


11:20-11:40 Positive deviance: Capturing, codifying and controlling innovative violations – Tony Bannister-Tyrell


11:45-12:05 Investigating Predictors of Pilots’ Risk-Taking Propensity Yassmin Ebrahim


12:05-12:30 The odds of exposure to unsafe weather from aerodrome forecast use – David Wilson


12:30 – 13:15 Lunch


13:15-13:40 Eye-tracking in aviation: where to now? – Dr Matt Ebbatson


13:40-14:00 – Flight instructor perceptions of the value of visual scan behaviour in the assessment of pilot performance – Matt Gray


14:05-14:25 – Aircraft visibility study – Mangalore mid air – Nathalie Boston and Michael Dawes


14:25-14:45 Analysis of runway incursions from a human factors perspective – Yan Yan, Soufiane Boufous and Brett Molesworth


14:45 – 15:15 Afternoon tea


15:15-15:35 Implementing Human Factors Solutions for Australian Flight Training Schools: Part 2 – Selina Fothergill and Michael White


15:35-15:55 A comparison between Australian and European pilots’ confidence in ‘just culture’ – Kevin McMurtrie


16:00-16:20 Effects of auditory and visual feedback on remote pilot manual flying performance – Matthew Dunn


16:20-16:40 Investigation report – Human Factors issues in relation to AO-2019-050 Anna Bay – Max Marton


16:45-17;00 Conference Wrap Up


Social Events

The following social events are planned to allow networking opportunities:

20 Oct – A free informal welcome sponsored by Southpac Aerospace, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Coogee Beach (1730-1930)

21 Oct – Conference Dinner at Barzura Restaurant (adjacent to the hotel) Tickets available online via the Registration Booking site.