PACDEFF 3-5 September 2019 – Program

The conference this year will showcase not only the best of CRM and Aviation Human Factors with our PACDEFF traditional practitioner focus on Day 1 and 2, but will also allow delegates to gain wider exposure to research and discussion on Human Factors and Aviation Psychology topics, through applied workshops on Day 3.

Interim Program

PACDEFF 2019 will be a three day conference consisting of world class presentations and contemporary and relevant workshops.

It will be held over 3-5 September at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia

The following is the current conference program:

Day 1 – (3 Sept)

0900-0915 Welcome
0915-1000    Keynote 1 – Rocky Heemstra (Qatar Airways rtd.)
1000-1030    Lessons from the Darkness: What We Can Learn from 5000+ Days and Nights of Pilots’ Sleep Data – Dr Adam Fletcher (Integrated Safety Support)
1030-1100    Morning Tea
1100-1130    Current Topical Regulatory Issues – Capt. Mark Hughes (CAANZ)(TBC)
1130-1200    Current Topical Regulatory Issues – Dr. Selina Fothergill (CASA)
1230-1330    Lunch
1330-1355    Pilot Fatigue: A Study of Safety Investigation Reports – Assoc. Prof. Nectarios Karanikas (QUT)
1400-1425    Introducing CRM/NTS and SMS to the Tourism Sector: Lessons Learned from Aviation- Capt. Glen Eastlake (Milford Sound Flights) and Malika Rose (Skyline Enterprises Ltd)
1430-1455    Human Factors Lessons from the Space Program – Wg Cdr Mick Aspinall (RAAF)
1440-1510    Afternoon Tea
1530-1555    CAO 48.1 Pilot Fatigue Management: An Update from CASA – Dr. Robert Forsterlee (CASA)
1600-1625    Plenary Presentation Topic TBA – Mike Nendick (Qantas) (TBC)
1630-1655    The Relationship Between Non-technical Skills and Resilience – Assoc. Prof. Wayne Martin (CQU)
1655-1700    Day 1 Wrap Up
1900-1930    Pre-dinner drinks
1930-2230    Conference Dinner – Crowne Plaza

Day 2 – (4 Sept)

0900-0910    Welcome
0910-0955    Keynote 2 – Professor Paul Salmon (USC)
1000-1030    The Migration of CRM Training – Brent Hayward (Dédale Asia Pacific)
1030-1100    Morning Tea
1100-1140    Are You Communicating or Just Talking? – Werner Naef (Kahler Communications)
1140-1205    Overview of an Airline CRM Program – TBA
1205-1300    Lunch

 Flight Crew Forum
1300-1325     Pilot Attentional Processes During Instrument Scans: An Eye- tracking Study – Capt. Craig Oliver (University of Southern Qld)
1325-1350    The Captain as Pilot Monitoring: Practical Aspects – Stuart Beveridge (UNSW)
1355-1420    JAL’s New EBT Competency Assessment Methodology – Capt. Ryuichi Toyota (Japan Airlines)
1420-1445    Implementing Human Factors Solutions for Australian Flight Training Schools – Dr Selina Fothergill (CASA/UQ)
1445-1515    Afternoon Tea
1515-1540    Evaluation of Flight Training: An Example from Military Aviation – Dr. Anastasios Plioutsias (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)
1540-1605    Flight Crew Forum Presentation TBA – Toll Logistics (TBC)
1610-1635    Emphasising the P in UPRT – Assoc. Prof. Wayne Martin (CQU)
1635-1700    PPS: Integrating Deep Learning AI Into Flight Deck Operations to Enhance safety – Capt. Shigeru Fujii (Japan Airlines)

Cabin Crew Forum

1300-1325    What Do I Care? The Role of Supervisor Support in Prevention and Management of Work Related Injuries in Cabin Crew – Michael Tew (Axis Rehab.)
1330-1415    Cabin Crew NTS Development Workshop – Belinda Warner (Virgin Australia)
1445-1515    Afternoon Tea
1515-1700    Cabin Crew Peer Support Workshop – Hosts TBA

ATC and Engineering Forum

1300-1445    ATC HF Workshop – Bill Appleby (ACNZ)
1445-1515    Afternoon Tea
1515-1700    Engineering HF Workshop – Hosts TBA

1930-2300    Offsite Dinner Excursion – BMD Northcliffe

Day 3 – (5 Sept)

PACDEFF Plenary and Workshops

0900-0910    Welcome
0910-0955    Keynote 3 – Captain David Evans (Qantas)
1000-1030    Mental Health Issues for Accident Investigators – Dr. Trang Dao
1030-1100    Morning Tea
1100-1125    Front Line Peer Support – Capt. Chris Smith (Jetstar) and F/O Matthew O’Keefe (AFAP)
1130-1155    Peer Support in HEMS Operations: Dealing With Trauma – Adrian Park (Toll Logistics)
1200-1225    Addiction – The Disease: How Pilots Support Pilots with the Support of Industry – F/O Matthew O’Keefe and Dr. Russell Brown (HIMS Australia Advisory Group)


1100-1500    Workshop 1 – Designing and Implementing a Fatigue Risk Management System – Dr Adam Fletcher (Integrated Safety Support)
1100-1230    Workshop 2 – Command Upgrade NTS/CRM – Capt. Chris Hulley, Jana Ewing & Capt. Michael Gurr (Virgin Australia)
1230-1330    Lunch
1330-1500    Workshop 3 – Facilitator Skills (Rocky Heemstra)

General Forum

1330-1355    Correlates of Flight Time Limitations, Fatigue, Employment Conditions in Airline Pilots’ Mental Health and Wellbeing – Marion Venus (Bern University)
1400-1425    A Human Factors Analysis of an Aircraft Accident (ATSB TBA)
1430-1455    Challenges in Keeping it Interesting for Diverse Groups in NTS/CRM Training – (TBA)
1500-1510    Conference Closing Address

Social Events

The following social events are planned to allow networking opportunities:

2 Sept – Informal Welcome Crowne Plaza Hotel, Surfers Paradise (1700-1900)

3 Sept – Conference Dinner at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Surfers Paradise

4 Sept – Offsite Dinner Excursion -BMD Northcliffe